Does The Whole Process of Settling A Car Accident Case Takes Long?

When it comes to settling a car accident case, many factors go into determining how long the process will take. The best thing you can do is be prepared and know what to expect from your insurance company.

It generally takes three months or less for an auto insurance claim to settle once both parties have agreed on a sum and signed off on the paperwork. However, if the matter goes to trial or mediation, it could take anywhere from six months to one year before a judge or mediator resolves all issues. If the insurance company contacts you, you do not need to talk with them until you have spoken with your injury Lawyer in Newmarket. The length of time it takes will depend on your case’s facts, the injuries’ severity and other factors.

Several steps will take place when you’re settling a car accident case. This includes:

• Filing an insurance claim with your carrier.
• Sending medical bills, police reports and other documentation to your insurance company.
• Attending any required medical appointments or treatments recommended by doctors and the insurance adjuster.
• Waiting for an estimated settlement amount from the insurance adjuster may take several months or longer, depending on the severity of your injuries and other factors related to your case.
• Negotiate with the insurance company over final settlement amounts once they’ve received all necessary documentation from you and their doctors’ findings regarding your injuries.
• Accept a final settlement offer from your carrier if it meets all your needs for compensation for damages caused by the accident, including vehicle repairs or replacement costs, lost wages if applicable, medical bills and pain and suffering compensation.

Factors to Consider

The first thing to consider is your insurance company’s policy regarding settling a car accident case. Some insurance companies want to settle as soon as possible, while others may take their time. If you have been injured and need money fast, try contacting an Accident Lawyer Waterloo who specializes in auto accident cases. They can help you get a settlement quickly by filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver if they live outside of your state or if they have no insurance coverage.

Another factor that affects the time it takes for your case to settle is the availability of witnesses and other evidence. For example, suppose you can show that the other driver was speeding, texting or intoxicated at the time of the accident. In that case, your claim will be stronger and more likely to result in a settlement offer from their insurance company. The more evidence your Accident Lawyer Waterloo have supporting your claim, the better off you will be when negotiating with an insurance adjuster for compensation for your injuries.

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