Facts To Establish In Order To Win Slip-Fall Claim

Personal injury lawyer in Bradford knows that an injured victim must show that the property owner was liable for any unsafe conditions.

Required proofs (one of these 2)

The property owner should have recognized the existence of a dangerous condition, and should have acted to have it fixed or removed.

The property owner helped to create the hazard that increased the likelihood that someone would fall at that hazardous location.

Factors considered by jury that is hearing the evidence in a slip-fall case

• Was the hazard present long enough for a reasonable owner to take action?

• Did the property owner routinely check for hazards?

• Had the owner created a log book, one in which facts about possible dangers could be listed?

• If the owner had created the hazard, could that action be justified?

• Could the dangers that were associated with the hazard have been reduced in any way?

• For instance, had some type of railing been placed on a staircase, or on a small section of steps?

• Did poor lighting increase the chances for an accident?

• Had the property owner ignored a request from the city, one that had stated what sort of action should be undertaken, in order to make the premises safer?

For instance, someone that owned outdoor property might be told to remove any tall and unsightly weeds.

Possible arguments from the team that was representing the defendant

The plaintiff is not alerted or attentive, during the moments that preceded the slip-fall incident
The plaintiff did not have lawful access to the area in which the accidental fall took place.
The plaintiff had ignored a warning sign, or had failed to notice the presence of such a sign.
The plaintiff had asked someone to remove the hazard, but the person that received those directions did not follow them.

Legal issues that could arise, following the occurrence of a fall

Had someone’s pet come onto the property of a neighbor, and had that action frightened the same neighbor, causing him or her to fall to the ground?

Had some person or group provided a lost animal with shelter, and had that same animal frightened a passerby, causing him or her to land on the ground?

Who would be liable if a bee from an uncared-for property were to come at a passerby, causing him or her to run, in an effort to escape the bee, and then that running and frightened individual had tripped on the sidewalk and had fallen to the ground?

Suppose a student in a riding class were to fall off of a horse, who could be held liable for any injuries?

Suppose a poorly-trained spotter in a gym failed to catch someone that had fallen from a balance beam; who could be held liable for any injuries.

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