How To Submit Claim For Injured Passenger

Injured passengers suffer pain, uncertainty and inconvenience as the result of another driver’s behavior. How can each of them be assured of adequate compensation?

For what damages would an injured passenger deserve compensation?

• For all the medical expenses
• For pain and suffering
• For any lost wages
• For any money spent on those that might have been hired to help with household chores
• Any financial losses that resulted from a forced cancellation or postponement

How should a passenger gather the details that could become the basis for a claim?

• Collect insurance information from the involved drivers
• Gather the names and contact details for the same drivers, and also for any witnesses
• Take pictures of the crash scene
• Discover how to obtain a copy of the police report: That should offer details that are related to the accident
• Seek medical attention, so that any injuries should be documented.
• Consult with and hire a personal injury lawyer in Bradford

Against whom should an injured passenger file a claim?

You can file a claim against the insurance company of the responsible driver or against liability coverage of any other involved drivers. The passenger’s filed claims might also include one against the driver of the vehicle that had been occupied by the injured victim/passenger. That would be the appropriate action, if the responsible driver had not provided proof of insurance. Or if the victim/passenger wanted to have all of his/her medical bills paid as quickly as possible.

Challenges that would be associated with any of the above claims

Each driver’s insurance company would have formed a contract with the policyholder/insured driver. As a result, the insurer must offer financial help to the policyholder, as long as he/she has met all of the stated obligations.

—He or she should have agreed to have the damaged vehicle inspected.
—He or she should have agreed to provide the insurer with the relevant medical information.
—If the insurance company had requested an independent medical exam (IME), then the policyholder should have agreed to satisfy that request.

How might the policyholders’ obligations create problems for a passenger’s efforts at filing a claim?

An inspection of the damaged vehicle might not support the allegations against the company’s policyholder. Instead, it might indicate that one of the other drivers had altered the course of the passenger’s vehicle.

An IME might confirm the fact that one of the other drivers, or an occupant of one of the other vehicles has sustained an injury. That same injured victim would hope to identify the person who could be held responsible for his/her injury. The identity of that person could match with the name of any of the involved drivers, including the passenger’s driver.

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