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Accidents involving pedestrians and automobiles typically result in severe injuries to the pedestrian ranging from soft-tissue damage and cuts and bruises to fractures, as well as injuries of the spinal cord and brain. The causes for pedestrian accidents can have several contributing factors such as adverse weather conditions, driver negligence, and poor road conditions. With all of the aforementioned factors possibly playing a role in the accident, the leading cause of pedestrian injuries is driver negligence.

When a moving vehicle collides with a person, the resulting injuries can be devastating and could lead to long-term or permanent impairment, and even death. An experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure that in the event of a pedestrian accident, your rights will be protected and you will receive all of the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

Victims of pedestrian accidents usually require immediate medical treatment followed by lengthy and costly rehabilitation. Mounting medical costs, loss of wages, and other expenses can quickly become unmanageable and put undue financial and emotional stress on victims and their families.

The legislation governing pedestrian accidents is the same as motor vehicle accident legislation but with one major difference. There is a reverse onus that is applicable to the party deemed to be at fault, which means that the party must prove their innocence, and it’s not up to the victim to prove his. This difference in legislative procedure greatly benefits injured pedestrians and can lead to substantially higher compensation for the victim.

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