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Victims of traumatic brain injuries can experience the loss of mental and motor functions and have to live with long-term and even permanent impairments. Traumatic brain injuries are extremely serious and are the leading cause of long-term impairment, with head trauma being the most common cause of death among young Canadian residents.

The unpredictable nature of brain injuries makes submitting an injury claim very complicated. Medical diagnoses can be imprecise, and determining the right amount of compensation can be very challenging and is ideal left to professional personal injury lawyers.

Spinal cord injuries often result in damage to the spinal column resulting in paraplegia and quadriplegia, which can have insurmountable emotional effects on the victim and his family. A victim’s life may have to be completely changed in order to adjust to his condition. Caring for a spinal cord injury victim can be challenging; as well with some victims requiring round-the-clock care, associated costs can quickly become unmanageable.

The professionals at BPC Law will ensure that your rights are protected right away and that you receive all of the benefits and medical treatment you are entitled to. While you focus on getting better, our legal team will focus on getting you the maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case for your injuries.

If you have sustained a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, contact the legal professionals at BPC Law. We have successfully represented victims of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries from all over Ontario, and our proven track record makes us one of the recommended personal injury law firms in the province. We are the qualified professionals that other lawyers call for help with major cases. Contact BPC Law today, and get the peace of mind that you deserve.