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Ontario residents have access to a wider range of consumer goods today than ever before. Our local stores are filled with products, some of which may pose a threat to our safety. Many consumer goods are now manufactured overseas in countries that do not have strict quality control standards, if any at all. There have been many cases of Canadians getting severely injured and even being killed by hazardous and harmful products.

Harmful and dangerous products come in all shapes and sizes. From children’s toys that present choking hazards and traces of lead paint, to electronics with poor quality wiring that can cause overheating and fires, stories featuring some of the products have made the news in Ontario.

Sometimes, products manufactured in North America can pose a serious risk to Ontario residents. When product manufacturers do not issue a safety recall in time, people get hurt and even killed. Major recalls involving automobile ignition switches, baby strollers, and fast-food kid’s meal toys have been issued too late to prevent serious injury among Ontario residents.

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