What Determines Who Is At Fault In An Accident?

Normally when an accident occurs, it’s important to figure out who is at fault quickly. Law enforcement officers will work hard to try and determine this by looking at the scene to see if there are skid marks, to see if the drivers were impaired, and check out the vehicles involved as well.

Is It My Fault That Car Is Rear Ended?

In most cases, the driver of the car that does the rear ending will be the driver at fault for failing to maintain control of their vehicle. A vehicle needs to follow another vehicle in a safe manner. When the vehicle rear ends the vehicle in front of them, that means that the driver wasn’t looking at the road ahead. He/she may have been distracted by phone, mirror, or a passenger inside the vehicle.

Is The Driver Making A Left Turn Always At Fault In An Accident With An Oncoming Vehicle?

A driver who is taking a left turn needs to pay attention to the oncoming traffic when making a turn. The only exceptions are:

• The vehicle is going straight is traveling too fast
• The car going straight runs a red light
• The left-turn car starts its turn when it is safe to do so, but an emergency causes him/her to slow down or stop.

What If The Defendant Is Injured?

If the person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident has something to do with the accident occurring, then the compensation awarded to that person’s injuries could be limited or completely barred.

Some states acknowledge the comparative negligence system. If both parties involved are negligent, the fault is split between the parties. If this happens, both victims will most likely not receive the complete amount of compensation they were hoping for.

If I Am The Victim of A Trucking Accident, Who Can I Sue?

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you may be wondering who you will need to file a claim against in order to get the compensation you need. It’s not easy to figure out who the bill needs to go to in this situation. Those who could be legally liable include:

• The driver of the truck
• The owner of the truck
• The company owner that leased the truck
• The truck manufacturer, the tires, or other equipment that may have been faulty and caused the accident.
• The freight loader or shipper

In most cases, it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer in Newmarket when you are dealing with a truck accident. A lawyer can guide you through the process and represent you throughout the trial or negotiate a settlement with the defendant.

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